Contemplating the 99% thats "right"

Contemplating the 99% thats “right”

Waldos Accord began as a blog dedicated to a “reasonable discussion about the politics of today.”  Simply put, I felt we heard more from the extreme ends of the political spectrum than from viewpoints more representative of the people we work and live with everyday.  However, after a few months of writing political opinion stuff, I decided that “reasonable discussion about the politics of today” wasn’t really much fun, and in fact was just downright depressing.  I took a breather and questioned what I wanted to do with it.  Honestly, spending a lot of time debating something as dirty as politics, and doing it in a respectful, inclusive way just really isn’t as much fun as caustic and sarcastic ripostes aimed solidly at amusing myself, and securing a chuckle from the folks able to get it.

I actually never really wanted to blog, although I have been encouraged by a number of people close to me to write and blog now for a number of years.  I have always “written” to some extent, but I have written short essays about whatever I felt like, with no real cogent agenda.  I often shared my essays and musings with a small group of friends and relations, and enjoyed the dialogue that would emerge from them.  I could choose to be introspective, cynical, outrageous, sincere, comical or purely fictional as I wished.  I could write an essay, or I could write about music or a great dish – didn’t matter, since I really had no agenda.  I think that is a good spot for me.

So there are no promises about this blog other than I will get a kick out of it.  I can promise, if I share a something, it will be something that I liked, but you may not.  That’s all.  If you think a particular essay was aimed at you – well, it probably wasn’t, but I am glad you think so.  Of course, then again it could have been…


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